About Aayla

This is about me.

I have always wanted to start a blog since about two years ago. I thought it was a creative way to write about anything I wanted to, at any time. Well, not any time because my parents won’t let me but still…

I’m a quite person, more introvert than extrovert, (though I’m trying to be more brave), and listen more than I talk usually. I’m not a loner, I have five best friends, I just take in more than other people do. I guess writing is a way to let the inside out; Aayla isn’t my real name but I just like it.

I love (in no particular order) God, Pandas, Russian Fudge, Reading, My Family, My Besties Lil and Lolly, New Zealand, Narnia, Writing, Fiji, The Colour Blue, The Avengers, C.S Lewis, L&P and The Ocean.

I’m going to be writing about all sorts of things, Religion, Books, Movies, Fashion, Make up, from a 13yr olds point-of-view. If you want me to write about any subjects just ask.

Hope ya’ll enjoy it 🙂



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